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Toast Is A Necessity With Eggs

Toast Is A Necessity With Eggs


“What is the big deal,” you say. “Everyone can drop a piece of bread in a toaster.” But that doesn’t necessarily make it a good piece of toast. You need to become familiar with the settings on the toaster to be sure it is set how you want the toast. I guess if you burn it slightly, you can scrap the burnt off but I never need like that.  But to be honest with you I am prejudiced. I never did like toaster toast.

To make toast in the oven, butter one side of the bread and place on a cookie sheet on a rack closest to the heat of the broiler as possible. Remember to watch it carefully. It can burn quickly close to the broiler.

The last way to make toast is to make it in a skillet. Butter one side of the bread. Place in the skillet on medium heat until golden brown.

My favorites are in this order: skillet, broiler, toaster. How about you?