Our Last Look At Eggs Is The Most Common — Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are among the most common ordered at breakfast counters. Not to be unexpected, since there are 5 different kinds (that I know of) — sunny side up, basted, over easy, over medium and hard.

  • Sunny Side Up — In my opinion, this may be the easiest fried egg to make. sunny-side-egg Use a non-stick skillet. Break the egg on the side of the skillet and gently slide the egg into the skillet. Cook on medium until white is done but egg is still shiny yellow. Turn egg out onto the plate. If you are brave and there are two going on the same plate, you can try two at once.


  • Basted — This may not be as popular now because you have to use oil. In fact, you will have to have enough oil to be able to tip your skillet and splash oil onto the egg — thus basting it. Your aim is to cook the white and to have a light coating over the yellow.


  • Over Easy —  I consider the next two eggs the most difficult to prepare. After you break the egg in the skillet, let it cook until the while is firm enough to turn. After turning you will need to watch and get the white as done as you can while watching the yellow. The yellow must remain very runny.


  • Over Medium — This one starts out the same as over easy. However, this one is cooked longer — long enough to be sure the white is done. The yellow will still be runny but not as much as over easy.


  • Hard — This egg starts  out as all of the above but the yellow is broken before it is turned over. It is cooked  until the yellow is hard and, of course, the white is thoroughly done.

I recently heard someone on The Food Network say that there should be two colors on a cooked egg — yellow and white. There should be no brown. That means that your fire should not be so high that the edges of the white are not turned brown and crispy.

It just takes practice, practice.